Free Shipping and Fast Shipping

Shipping Policy

Shipping policy operated by Suumee has two shipping methods for you to choose from, free shipping and fast shipping.

Shipping Method   Fee Delivery Time Commentd
Free Shipping   0 10-30Days Delivery time cannot be guaranteed
Fast Shipping   25$ 5-7Days Usually within one week

Note:The delivery time is calculated after the goods are shipped out,but not the time you place the order。

*Free Shipping(10-30days)

Free shipping is for some buyers who have no requirements for the delivery time. If you choose free shipping, no matter how many things you buy, there is no charge for logistics. Generally, the goods can be received after 10-30 days, sometimes even longer. The receiving time is relatively long. For buyers who are short of time, this option needs to be carefully considered. Or you can choose another shipping method.

*Fast Shipping(5-7days)

The delivery time of Fast Shipping is relatively fast. Generally, the goods can be received within 5-7 days after placing the order. It costs you 25 dollars for shipping. This is a fixed logistics cost and will not change due to the amount of the order or the volume and quantity of the goods. So if you want to get the purchased goods quickly, you can choose this plan.


What countries does Suumii ship to?

Suumii can ship worldwide! All products can ship to United States, and many brands can ship to the majority of the world’s countries.

How long will shipping take?

We will try our best to fast deliver your order. Normally USA buyers will receive order in 7-14 business days. Other countries buyers will take a shorter or longer time to get their orders, and it depends on how far away their countries from our brands’ locations.

Where does my order ship from?

The products on Suumii come from all over the world.
Generally, most orders will ship from Asia or the United States.