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100PCS Disposable Nitrile Gloves Exam Gloves Latex-Free, Powder-Free Glove for Cleaning, Mechanics, Automotive, Industrial, Food Handling, Blue

Disposable Nitrile Gloves Exam Gloves

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  • HIGH QUALITY -- High-quality natural Nitrile rubber are designed for professional use to keep your hands protected. With enhanced strength and tear resistance they offer unmatched reliability.
  • NO LATEX, NO POWDER-- Avoid potential allergies and discomfort with our gloves–without the use of latex or powder, your body will be kept in optimal safety from potential allergens.
  • EASY TO USE: Easy opening, quick to put on with fast removal even when wet. Easy access dispenser keeps gloves clean and organized and made to fit all hand types.
  • PRODUCT CONTAINS:A box of products contains 100 pieces. Material: nitrile latex color: blue Size: S18-20cm M 20-23cm
  • Greaseproof, acid and corrosion resistant, breathable and absorbent, non-toxic and tasteless, comfortable and safe

Wear common sense

  1. Before wearing, please trim your nails so that the gloves fit your fingers
  2. Before wearing, please blow air to confirm that the gloves are not damaged
  3. When wearing, please wear with your abdomen to avoid puncturing the gloves
  4. When wearing, please wear the finger part first and then wear the palm part
  5. When taking off the gloves, flip the gloves on the wrist to the fingers
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