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Adjustable Disposable Medical Mask for Children Breathable and Soft Skin-friendly Can Effectively Organize Virus Invasion

Adjustable Straps Mouth Mask Protective Face Mouth Cover Mask for Children

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  • Effectively prevent PM2.5, dust, virus invasion
  • The ear straps are soft, and the elasticity is free, and it will not hurt your ears for a long time
  • The mask is composed of three layers, the outermost is a cute printed pattern, the middle is the melt-blown filter layer, and the inner layer is the breathable cotton inner layer.
  • Suitable for children aged 5-12
  • pack of 6

     How to use

  1. Flatten the mask, push both hands flat against the face, and the metal software is above the mask
  2. Pull the ear strap to the outside of both ears
  3. Use your fingertips along the bridge of the nose and press the metal software from the inside out to make it fit the contour of the nose bridge
  4. Fully unfold the mask up and down so that it covers the nose and mouth completely, and check the fit with the face
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