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Anti-slip and Wear-resistant Swimming Diving Gloves

Grind Fishing, Diving, Floating, Warm and Cold Wetsuit Gloves

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Product name: 3mm diving gloves

Material: Rubber

Composition: 90% Neoprene+10% Nylon

Thickness: 3mm

Elastic elongation: 150%


Size Table:                                                  unit:cm

Size S M L XL
Palm Width 7-8 8-9 9-10 10-11

Note:Allowed measuring tolerance: +/-1cm.This is not a waterproof golves.

Palm width measurement method: from the tiger’s mouth to the bottom of the little finger palm width.

Note: The diving gloves of this product are worn with the wetsuit WETSUTS. There are also cases of water leakage from the sewing and wrists. They are not fully waterproof products. Buyers who require complete waterproofing should choose carefully.

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